Get links that work and provide value.

Links are still the number 1 ranking factor, when it comes to organic positions in the Googles Search Results.

Links that are not indexed or tagged wrong are not good for your SEO. Traxr gives the overview of all your links.

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Manual precision

100% link precision is the best way. We do not use predictive methods and substandard API’s to give us 60-80% accuracy.

We let you take the full control and makes sure to only monitor what you deem important.

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24/7 monitoring

We will monitor your links 24/7 and make sure that you only get relevant notifications when changes to your link happens.

100% accuracy is what we won’t to give you. Not false positives or estimated data. Real Facts

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The only tool you will ever need to Monitor your Links

Traxr is an all in one solution to monitor the status and value of your links. Just look at these features

Index Status

Each url linking to your site is checked to see if its indexed in Google.

A high-quality link is worthless of Google doesn’t know about it

Canonical Check

We make sure you know if the URL points to a different location than where you get your link from.

Canonical tags are very important.

Client Rendering

We monitor if a site is rendered on the client side i.e. JavaScript

We inform you of links with more or less no value to you

Endpoint Check

We follow any 3xx redirects and show you the chain and endpoint.

Redirects are vital to your links and less is more.

HTML Headers

Monitors changes in HTML headers like nofollow, noindex, ugc and sponsored

Make sure to get the most out of any link you get.

Response Headers

As with HTML headers, which are visible in the to you, the Response headers are not.

We Monitor for noindex and nofollow.

Manual update

We made it easy for you to update link status at any time you want

Anchor text changes

We monitor if the anchor text is changed for your link

Number of domains & Links

You can monitor multiple domains and links in the same package.


Want an easy to understand system ?

This is what you get. We have made our dashboard as easy as possible and it will give you exactly what you need to monitor how your links are doing.

And you will get a detailed view of each link you monitor.

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